About us

Have you ever had an idea that would improve your local community? 

CoProCo is here to help make it happen.


From improved sports facilities, nature trails or playgrounds for kids. To cleaning up that local eye sore or helping a neighbour in need.

CoProCo is here to listen and help make your ideas for community improvements a reality.

CoProCo's founder is Chris Massey, a passionate 10+ year resident of Stamford Ward in Epsom & Ewell. After returning from a holiday to Japan and falling in love with the public cherry blossoms, Chris asked his wife Isabel "how would you go about planting trees down our road"?

The answer; well today, it would either require a campaign to the council (who are unlikely to have the time or the funding), or a proactive individual to first fund the project and then navigate a minefield of consultations and approvals to make it happen.

Could it be simpler, yes it could! 

By commercialising what local heroes across the UK are already doing, a company has the ability to act as a professional intermediary between the public (where all the best community ideas come from) and local businesses, charities or authorities.


As trust and relationships develop, a company dedicated to community improvements can eliminate any barriers that lie between making your idea a reality.


From this inspiration, CoProCo was formed. 

To make this happen, we will develop the UK's first fully flexible workforce (at least we are the first to the best of our knowledge!).  

It's time to reverse the thinking on part time and flexible working in the UK. We know that talented individuals can make a difference no matter whether its for 5 hours, 15 hours or 30 hours a week! 


We start from the ground up and we dream of building a company that redefines what flexible working means in the UK, offering truly flexible work to professionals of all backgrounds.


We will be hiring talented professionals for 1-5 days per week, based on their passion and abilities...not a preconceived notion of the hours they need to spend at their desks!


We will be hiring people who can make a real difference to their community. These people will live locally, know their area and will be fully enabled by technology, using cloud based technologies to coordinate, manage and deliver projects across the UK.

Interested? Get in touch.

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