How it works

Have you ever had an idea that would improve your local community?

CoProCo is here to help make it happen.

Step 1: Crowdsource project ideas

Everyone in your community will have an idea on how to improve their local area. It doesn't matter what the motivation is, CoProCo is here to listen and try to make it happen! There will be some ideas for projects that won't progress (due to lack of support, funding etc), but for every few that don't, there will be one that does. So what are you waiting for?


Submit your ideas now.

If you have an idea for a community event, then please also submit them via the same link. CoProCo works with local councils to source ideas and help them crowdfund events.

Step 2: Crowdfund projects

If the project "fits the bill" then it will be posted on Crowdfunder and promoted by CoProCo through our advertising and media channels. Individuals who are behind the idea will have the option of either running their own campaign (with CoProCo support) or leaving CoProCo to manage the funding stage (whilst keeping them informed).

Step 3: Procurement & Project Management

Once a project hits its funding target, our real expertise kicks in! Procurement & Project Management is what differentiates CoProCo from other crowdfunding based businesses. We're here to take your ideas and deliver the best of them to the highest standards. We have a passion for responsible procurement and only work with contractors that share our standards for performance and reliability. 

Step 4: Testing & Delivery

Completed projects are subject to rigorous safety and quality approvals before being signed off for use. Where necessary, this will be with the relevant local and national authorities. Approved 3rd party experts may also be called upon to assist with inspection and sign off.

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